Monday, January 30, 2012


This January, I did two colored pencil pieces after taking a break from the medium for a few years.  This is one of my great grandchildren modeling my hat.  She's a real charmer.  9X11 inches

Hot! Hot! Hot! Dahlia

This miniature is also in colored pencil.  Since I favor the warm colors, especially orange and yellow, this was fun to do. 4X4 inches

White Fire

I went through a rose phase for a few years.  The following roses were all done with Oil Pastel.  I love working with this medium.  The colors are wonderfully vibrant.  It is oil in a stick or crayon form - like working with lipstick.  After applying, one blends with hard rubber tools or fingers.  15X18 inches

Rose in Repose

This rose was resting on top of a small trunk.  I like the color combination.
18X26 inches


I found these roses to be enchanting.
20X24 inches


These roses were part of a bouquet I received for Mother's Day.  I took them out on the porch in the sunlight for this painting.  20X27 inches

Radiant Blush

As you can see, I like those warm colors.
18X12.5 inches


I did a WIP demo of this rose on the Wet Canvas Oil Pastel forum.
7x11 inches

Fragrant Fire

This is the first oil pastel that I did.  I fell in love with this medium immediately.
12X15 inches