Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Redhead is Born

Olivia is my seventh great grandchild.  At the time of this painting she was not a week old yet and weighed less than five pounds.  She was very tiny but caught up quickly.   I wondered if I could do portraits in oil pastel and I selected this image thinking it would be easy.  Is wasn't.  But it did demonstrate that I can do portraits in oil pastel.  This paintings is 8"x11" using oil pastels on Colorfix primed hot pressed watercolor paper.


  1. Hi Sam,
    I have just returned to your blog and saw your sweet little pastel of your great great grandchild. It is very soft and gentle just like a new born. It is lovely! Judith

    1. Thank you, Judith. It is so good to hear from you.

  2. A pastel portraiture of sweetness, delicacy and contentment. Congrats on granny-hood Sam:)